Indian Police Arrest Two People In Connection With Alteration of Grading Reports

27/10/2015 07:46

The GIA is cooperating with the Indian police authorities investigating the unauthorized remote access to GIA’s grading information database and the alteration of 1,042 diamond grading reports and two former employees of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are in custody. The Indian police informed the GIA that the investigation has reached a point where we may now publish the client accounts that submitted the diamonds in question.

A list of the invalidated reports is posted on the GIA's website. The list includes the number and issue date of the invalidated reports, the shape and weight of each diamond, and the submitting client account. The list does not include color or clarity grades as those may have been altered. Pending continued investigation by the Indian police, the listed client accounts have been suspended from further submissions to GIA at this time. The GIA strongly requests that anyone in possession of any of these diamonds and grading reports return them immediately to GIA for examination at no charge.