North Arrow Confirms More Diamondiferous Kimberlites at Pikoo, Canada

Mining and Exploration
20/10/2015 16:06

Linking to a press release via its Twitter account, North Arrow Minerals has confirmed four diamondiferous kimberlites at the Pikoo Diamond Project in Saskatchewan. Following on the their report of September 8, 2015 that confirmed kimberlite PK150 as significantly diamond-bearing, North Arrow today release a statement reading, "the 2015 exploration program at the Pikoo Diamond Project is now complete and new microdiamond results for the PK314 and PK311 kimberlites have increased the total number of diamondiferous kimberlites at Pikoo to four." Ken Armstrong, President and CEO of North Arrow, commented, "2015 exploration work, consisting of exploration drilling and airborne magnetic surveys, has confirmed the Pikoo Diamond Project as an important emerging diamond district in Canada. Seven discrete kimberlite occurrences have now been identified, four of which have been tested and proven to be diamondiferous. Kimberlite PK150 remains the most significant discovery to date."