Kennady Diamonds Provides Kelvin Diamond Valuation Results

20/10/2015 09:11

Kennady Diamonds Inc. said the results of a preliminary valuation of diamonds recovered from the Kelvin kimberlite at its Kennady North project in Canada's Northwest Territories found an average price per carat of $56, $70 and $123 for stones from three different zones. WWW International Diamond Consultants (WWW) valued a diamond parcel weighing 989 carats recovered from bulk sampling of the Kelvin kimberlite in Antwerp. Four separate diamond parcels were valued by WWW, representing Zone A (442.82 carats), Zone B (447.05 carats), Zone C (80.44 carats) and a small mixed parcel (16.79 carats). For Zone A, WWW recommended an average modeled price of $56 per carat and for Zone B $70 per carat. The parcel from Zone C was too small for WWW to create modeled values, so an average price of $123 per carat was reported. It is not yet possible to report an average modeled value for the composite Kelvin kimberlite due to the small size of the Zone C parcel.