Jeweler Launches Online Fairtrade Brand - Valerio

20/10/2015 15:34

Ethically-motivated jeweler Greg Valerio has launched Valerio, an online fairtrade jewelry brand, in an effort to be at the leading edge of "the ethical transformation of the jewelry world." The brand has launched with a classic bridal range, created from certified Fairtrade gold and silver, traceable diamonds and gemstones, a project that Professional Jeweller says "aims to create a harmonious and elegant union between the land, the miner, the jeweler and the final customer." Valerio's website states: "I cannot ignore that my trade is far from clean, honest or integrous. Our supply chain is rife with human rights abuses, environmental devastation, racism, political corruption and conflict. Change cannot happen if we santise truth with clever marketing, I must be honest and strive with willing and good hearted people to be the change."

Greg Valerio has worked alongside Fairtrade International, The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO), 16 August Union (Greenland) and with numerous community based mining groups from the eastern D.R. Congo (gold), Greenland (ruby), Kenya (gold), Sierra Leone (gold & diamonds) and further afield.