Dominion Diamond's Diavak Mine Production -15% in Q3

Mining and Exploration
16/10/2015 13:07

Dominion Diamond has reported the results of its Diavik Diamond Mine production for Q3 of 2015. Processing volumes in Q3 of 2015 were 15% lower than the same quarter of the prior year, while diamonds recovered in Q3 were 24% lower than the same quarter of the prior year, indicating that the firm is bringing production into line with global conditions. Dominion attributes the drop in processing volumes to a combination of two factors: "First, additional stockpile ore was available and processed during the comparable quarter of the prior year; this additional stockpile was fully exhausted in calendar 2014. Second, ore availability in the current quarter was slightly impacted by poor ground conditions at A-418 and A-154 North." The lowered recovery figures "reflect lower processing volumes and lower recovered grades from the A-154 South and A-418 pipes which was offset in part by increased production from coarse ore rejects (“COR”)." The news release also states that "development of the A-21 pipe continues to progress according to plan."