Rough, Imperfect Diamond Jewelry the Latest Design Trend

08/10/2015 10:54

The four Cs have ruled the day for diamond assessment and desirability, but as Sarah Royce-Greensill writes, contemporary jewelry designers are finding the beauty in imperfect stones, whether cloudy, rough-cut, included or sliced. Slices, polki diamonds – polished yet uncut stones - and "the understated glamour afforded by unfaceted diamonds" are the new rage in diamond jewelry design. Indeed, "modern designers are not just accepting but celebrating the character of these so-called 'bad' stones," says Royce-Greensill.

“At the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) we were told to refer to inclusions as ‘clarity characteristics’ not ‘flaws’ and I totally agree with that,” says east London-based jewelr Rachel Boston. “They’re not ‘flaws’; they serve as a beautiful reminders of the incredible process a diamond has to go through... Today most diamonds are cut to precise specifications and a list of ideals, so they all end up looking very similar. But with diamond slices every piece is completely unique; you’ll never find two with the same pattern.”