WDC Rejects Amnesty Int'l Conflict Diamond Charges

Finance and Trade
07/10/2015 08:20

World Diamond Council President Edward Asscher has rejected a report by London-based Amnesty International last month that said diamond trafficking was helping to fuel violence in the Central African Republic. The Kimberley Process has removed “more than 99 percent” of so-called conflict diamonds from the market, Asscher said in an interview with Bloomberg Business. "The diamond council [WDC] gladly re-invites Amnesty to participate and join us and the civil society coalition looking into aspects of CAR and the whole Kimberley Process," he said.

Amnesty International claimed that traders who have bought diamonds in the Central African Republic worth “several million dollars” failed to inquire if the beneficiaries are armed groups who carry out executions, rape and looting. Local companies could soon begin exporting stockpiled gems that may have been mined by child laborers and avoided taxes, the group said.