Sacked Diamond Managers Take Laurelton Reign Diamonds To Court

29/09/2015 13:16

Three managers of the recently closed Laurelton Reign Diamonds in Namibia are taking the firm to court for being fired contrary to correct procedures. A total of 157 workers were requested to go on leave last August this year but were then called in for duty on August 20, only to be told that the company was closing down. Nathan Strauss, the spokesperson for mother company Tiffany and Co said the firings were due to high manufacturing costs.

The managers, responsible for plant, logistics and production, said they felt exploited when they were informed the company would be closed and said they have not yet received their packages. “We feel highly exploited and disposable. They did not even give us a chance to save the company.” The company is a joint venture between Tiffany & Co diamonds subsidiary, Laurelton Diamonds and Namibia's Reign Investment whose purpose was that of securing rough diamonds supplies for Tiffany &Co.