EP To Protect Non-Agro Artisanal Products, incl. Antwerp Diamonds

17/09/2015 09:47

The European Parliament (EP) wishes to introduce greater protection for the geographical indications of non-agricultural artisanal products in order to protect their authenticity and reinforce consumer confidence. Currently there are no European regulations to protect these products against counterfeiting or unfair commercial practices. Geographical indications only exist at the EU level for agricultural products. The EP now wants the European Commission to draft a legislative proposal to change that. Furthermore, geographical indications would provide more jobs in certain industries. 

Antwerp Diamonds are included on the proposed EP list, which identifies products that are produced in a traditional manner and constitute an integral part of the region's cultural and economic heritage. The report has been adopted in the Committee on Legal Affairs and will be examined when all the representatives reconvene in a plenary session on Oct. 5. for an Oct. 6 vote.