Police Arrest Mainland Chinese Woman 'Planning to Swap Fake Diamond With Real One’

16/09/2015 19:16

Less than one hour before the opening of Hong Kong’s gems and jewelry fair on Wednesday a suspected thief from mainland China was arrested for possession of a fake diamond which police believe she intended to swap for a real gem at a booth of the show's many diamond exhibitors. The woman, aged 42, arrived from the central Henan province on Tuesday, and was stopped and searched by police after she was seen acting suspiciously at a registration booth at the AsiaWorld-Expo where the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair opened today.

“A fake diamond about one centimetre in [circumference] was found in a secret pocket inside her handbag,” senior inspector Or Wing-yan of the New Territories South regional crime unit said. “We have reasons to believe she wanted to enter the venue to steal a diamond by swapping it with the fake.”