PolishedPrices: Soaring Commercial Qualities Lift Index

14/09/2015 14:46

PolishedPrices (PP) called last week's trading "volatile", with commercial quality diamonds lifting the overall index. They write that the "main polishedprices index opened 3.3% up from the previous week on Monday at 130.4 points. The overall index is currently 7.8% lower than this time last year, and has lost 4.4% since the start of 2015." After reaching 2015 lows in the last fortnight, PP noted strong gains among commercial qualities, with 1ct stones ending "16.6% higher than the previous week, while 0.5 carat and 0.3 carat commercial made gains of 8.7% and 5.6% respectively." Fine quality one carat finished at -0.7% and 0.3 carat diamonds finished at -0.3%.