DEF: Time Magazine Article Ignores Progress

14/09/2015 07:13

In an open letter responding to the Time Magazine article "Blood Diamonds", the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) says the article, claiming that despite the industry's efforts to ban conflict diamonds the mining industry is still "tainted by conflict and misery", paints in inaccurate picture of the situation in producing countries such as the DRC and CAR. "The headlines and overall content of TIME’s piece overshadowed and in some cases minimized the tremendous good that the industry does in Africa and other continents as part of its global commitment to responsible sourcing, sustainable economic development, and productive social transformation", the letter states. Recognizing there are still several issues concerning artisan diggers in DRC and CAR, DEF says that "the diamond industry itself is making progress toward helping to resolve these problems working in partnership with governments, the United Nations and civil society groups together with corporate and non-profit organizations."