What Crisis? $65 Million(+) In Diamonds Adorn Wedding Cake

09/09/2015 10:15

Apparently the economic slowdown is not slowing everyone's spending down. Business Insider Australia writes that, "Just a short flight away from 11 million people fleeing their homes with nothing, a proud father in the UAE took delivery of a cake set with 4,000 diamonds for his daughter’s birthday and engagement party." The cake includes: 400 one-carat white diamonds, 73 three-carat white diamonds, 73 three-carat black diamonds, one 5.2-carat pink diamond, one 6.4-carat yellow diamond and 15 five-carat white diamonds ... worth a total of $65 million.

As the icing on the cake, so to speak, "There are roughly another 3,400 gemstones scattered through the cake, including amethysts and emeralds." The client chose to remain anonymous.