As HK Show Approaches, Security Firm Offers Common Sense Advice

Finance and Trade
09/09/2015 13:11

With one of the world's biggest diamond and jewelry industry shows approaching, security consultant ISPS is stressing common sense steps to prevent goods being stolen at the event which is well known for thefts. Pointing out that thieves tend to act in the first few hours of a show, company CEO Itay Hendel said exhibitors should maintain awareness levels as criminals check this from outside the booth before entering. In addition, when unknown clients approach a booth, staff should raise their awareness in order not to be distracted.

The Hong Kong Gems & Jewellery Show, which takes place from September 16 to 22, is well known for small groups of thieves working together, as well as individuals, distracting staff and replacing real diamonds with fake stones. “Control, this is the key word,” said Hendel. “Don’t let anyone step into your booth or touch your merchandise without your permission.”