Assay Office Birmingham and London Diamond Bourse Launch Collaboration

24/08/2015 12:35

Independent not-for-profit organisations Assay Office Birmingham (AOB) and London Diamond Bourse (LDB) have announced a partnership that will provide LDB members with convenient and cost-efficient high-quality, diamond and gemstone testing and reports. The partnership will provide LDB members, trading from the Bourse floor in Hatton Garden, with a dedicated, secure delivery of diamonds and gemstones for grading to AnchorCert Gem Lab, based at AOB’s new state-of-the-art Birmingham facility. 

London Diamond Bourse Chief Operating Officer Victoria McKay said that, "The added value for our members is the fact that AnchorCert Gem Lab is in the UK, rapidly reducing lead times for gemstone analysis and grading.” For LDB members, this new partnership will bring many benefits including the convenience of having all stones collected for grading internally at the Bourse, a simple audited system facilitated entirely by LDB and AnchorCert Gem Lab, as well as the peace of mind and overall reduced costs that the collaborative grading service will provide.