KP Gives Green Light for Central African Republic to Resume Diamond Exports

29/07/2015 16:47

Based upon progress made to date by the Central African Republic, KP Participants and Observers reached an understanding that the CAR may commence exports of rough diamonds upon full implementation of an “Operational Framework” and pending completion of the KP Review Mission report. The announcement states that, "The 'Administrative Decision on the Central African Republic [Temporary Suspension]' of May 23, 2013 is amended to allow for resumption of trade in rough diamonds from 'compliant zones' that are to be established under conditions set forth by this AD."

The announcement states that Participants and Observers noted U.N. Security Council Resolution 2217 (2015) that states that while improving, the security situation in CAR remains fragile. Participants are called upon to exercise enhanced vigilance measures, including but not limited to providing detailed information regarding exports, digital pictures and statistical data. These measures are central to the successful implementation of this Administrative Decision. Furthermore, Participants and Observers intend to keep this decision under continued review in light of progress made in implementing the Operational Framework.

The Administrative Decision (AD) on Resumption of Exports of Rough Diamonds from the Central African Republic (CAR) received supporting votes from 30 KP member countries and no objections, meaning that the AD has met the KP requirement of written procedure and shall take effect from 17 July 2015.

The texts of the Administrative Decision and Annex on Resumption of Exports from the CAR are available below.