CIBJO Welcomes New ISO Standard for Diamond Marketing

27/07/2015 12:51

The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) has welcomed the recent publication of ISO International Standard 18323: 2015 Jewellery -- Consumer Confidence in the Diamond Industry, which specifies permitted terms to be used by the diamond industry in the sale of diamonds to consumers. The Standard "specifies a set of permitted descriptors for the diamond industry and is specifically designed to be understood by the consumer. The Standard also includes a series of definitions which aim to provide further clarity for traders and maintain consumer confidence in the diamond industry as a whole."

It explicitly defines a diamond as having been created by nature and further notes that the term “diamond” without further qualification always implies a natural diamond. It also "unambiguously bars the use of adjectives such as "cultured" and "cultivated," as well as "real," "genuine," "precious" and "gem" to describe any synthetic diamond. The use of such words can be considered deceptive," says CIBJO.