South Africa: De Beers Suspects New Kimberlite Mines Lie Buried in Old Data

Mining and Exploration
22/07/2015 13:46

The operations of De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM) will dwindle further with the proposed sale of Kimberley Mines, but Philip Barton, the company’s CEO, believes that DBCM has some surprises in store for its followers. "We are actively exploring in South Africa. We really believe there are a few more diamond mines left in the country that will fit into the criteria of De Beers and Anglo American," he says. De Beers has explored SA for decades, but modern geological data collection started being stored since the late 1950s. De Beers has an enormous data base from these records. "We suspect that there are a number of mines hidden in that data. The easy mines... have been found. The remaining kimberlite is either hidden under significant cover or it is kimberlite that doesn't have the characteristics that we have come to know. Traditional methods will, therefore, not indicate such kimberlites." De Beers has a team searching this data full-time.