Pangolin Diamonds Turns Up Empty in Search for Kimberlite

Mining and Exploration
19/09/2016 13:10

Pangolin Diamonds Corp has announced that their drilling program at the Motloutse Diamond Project, located 150 km east of the largest diamond mine in the world, the Orapa Diamond Mine in Botswana, intersected no kimberlite during their August drilling program. The anomalous kimberlite indicators associated with the drill targets are thus far unexplained.The results from the drilling, however, allowed for the elimination of certain types of magnetic anomalies to be excluded from future exploration programs providing for a more focused target selection, and the company remains optimistic about locating kimberlite in the Motloutse Diamond Project. A follow up ground program including detailed soil sampling, gravity and ground magnetics is in progress in a continued effort to locate the sources of anomalous concentrations of positive kimberlite indicator minerals recovered at surface as previously announced. 

Motloutse covers the area where the first diamonds in Botswana were recovered in 1959. It also includes the location where De Beers discovered its first diamonds in Botswana in 1962. The kimberlite source(s) of these diamonds have never been located. The company also added a note to its press release saying it is fully funded to complete this exploration program.

* Photo depicts Pangolin's soil sampling team.