Botswana Diamonds Finds Non-Kimberlite Ultramafic in Orapa

Mining and Exploration
07/10/2015 16:46

Alrosa partner Botswana Diamonds' latest drilling update in the Orapa region of Botswana was met with disappointment by the market after initial field analysis suggested this rock was ultramafic rock older than the kimberlites found in the Orapa area. Two holes of the three-hole drilling programme intersected an anomaly discovered by Alrosa but they did not find what they were anticipating. There were, however, significant Kimberlite Indicator Minerals (KIMs) in its core, and these have been taken back to Russia for full analysis and identification. “The core is now being processed to identify what it contains. Exploration on this block continues to identify the source of the two small diamonds we discovered in earlier work,” Botswana Diamonds chairperson John Teeling commented.